Operating System Simulator Plugin

@shellcode Thanks for the comment! Yes this would be perfect for creating a hacking game or as a super cool easter egg in a game. :cool:

v2.0 [WIP] Theme changer Preview!

Will you add themes and templates for sci-fi games too? Futuristic looking UI … for example like this one:

Currently we don’t have any plans of now to make a sci-fi theme however everything is customizable since everything is made in UMG. :slight_smile:

v2.0 [WIP] Clock App Preview ​synchronized to your local time + real-time thumbnail (icon) update! ​:cool:

v2.0 [WIP] Desktop Peek Preview!

v2.0 Operating System Simulator Preview!

**Version 2.0 Released!


**NEW **Desktop Peek
**NEW **Thumbnail rendering system
**NEW **Category in Content Browser
**NEW **System themes. Includes light and dark theme.
**NEW **Hardware classes
**NEW **Taskbar and Start Menu
**NEW **System Settings
**NEW **Welcome screen
**NEW **Installation screen
**NEW **Rotating loading bar
**NEW **Base class for almost all Operating System widgets
**NEW **User can now set root command in Blueprints
**NEW **Terminal command Programs
**NEW **StartOperatingSystem function
**NEW **Directory type
**NEW **System directory settings
**NEW **Improved storage related functions
**NEW **Unified Icon widget
**NEW **Save game versioning system
**NEW **Widget classes. UYetiOS_IconWidget, UYetiOS_FileWidget, UYetiOS_FileIconWidget, UYetiOS_FileBase
**NEW **Yeti Global category for all static functions
**NEW **Delegate when a new program is installed
**NEW **New version system instead of old FText.


**NEW **Calculator
**NEW **Calendar
**NEW **Clock
**NEW **Image Viewer
**NEW **Notepad
**NEW **System Settings
**NEW **Video Player

**BLUEPRINT **New IsProgramInstalled
**BLUEPRINT **New GetAllProgramsFromRepositoryLibrary
**BLUEPRINT **New GetInstalledPrograms
**BLUEPRINT **New IsRunning

**FIXED **Unable to browse ip-address link in web browser
**FIXED **Incorrect text size for terminal sub widgets
**FIXED **Incorrect call to load save data in device
**FIXED **Incorrect category names
**FIXED **Incorrect process ID for new programs
**FIXED **StartProgram now returns properly if an instance is already running.

**REMOVED **static const ROOT_COMMAND
**REMOVED **Durability checks
**REMOVED **Device score
**REMOVED **Internal_DeviceCanBoot
**REMOVED **Internal_GetFiles
**REMOVED **DEVICESTART_PartialSuccess enum value
**REMOVED **All PURE_VIRTUAL methods from device.
**REMOVED *Old FYetiOS structs
**REMOVED **LoadOS and StartOperatingSystemInstallation
**REMOVED **Operating system loading in device. It is now a dedicated function in OS itself.
**REMOVED **BP_Dir_Boot

Number of Blueprint Classes: 66
Number of Widget Blueprints: 55
Number of C++ Classes: 52

Update 2.0.1! Changelog]

**NEW **BP_DefaultFile asset
**NEW **SetAssociatedProgramClass for file.

**MISC **Change welcome screen textDONE
**MISC **Change double click timeDONE
**MISC **Remove Hint Text in NotepadDONE
**MISC **Improve rename file method

**BLUEPRINT **BringWindowToFront now exposed to Blueprint.

**FIXED **Clicking inside a program not focusingDONE
**FIXED **Crash when running multiple commandsDONE
**FIXED **Unable to create file if no program foundDONE
FIXED Incorrect calendar size

REMOVED WBP_FileItem asset

**2.0.2 Updated! **

NEW ​Music Player

**MISC **​All programs are now installed by default
**MISC **Changed file and folder font size from 12 to 11

v2.0.4 Lock Files and Directories Preview!
File or directory can be locked/unlocked to a specific user using lock and unlock terminal command. Trying to open a locked file by default will show access denied toast notification, this can be expanded to have custom functionality.

Can you please show or explain how to make a continues command that relies on the previous command in easy terms using custom commands in (CLI-Command Prompts)?
Like writing: What’s your age?, then it waits for another input to insert age number, THEN it shows the result.
meaning 2 or 3 steps before the actual result to come up,

and how can you make the result appears slowly one at a time, i don’t want everything to appear all at once in blink of second right after you hit Enter, especially with long/lengthy results, i want the results to come up gradually.
thank you.