Operating system crash when using UE4


While having the editor opened my computer frequently crashes to a blue screen on Windows 7 64-bit. I checked the sys req and as far as I can see the requirements are met.

My system is as follows:
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Processor: Intel i3-3225 quad core @ 3.3GHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 550 ti
I have three harddrives, one ~300 GB for OS and some programs, and two 2TB in RAID 1 for data, games, programs etc. so I only have two volumes visible from the OS, C: and F:.
The editor is installed on the F: volume, and the project files are also located there.

I’m attaching a DxDiag log

As the OS crashes instantly, I can’t see what happens with the task manager or likewise. I’ve had Firefox open some of the times, and have it set to reopen my tabs from last time, but when I restart it after a crash it doesn’t even recognise that a crash happened.

I have UE4.5 installed currently, but it occurred with 4.4.3 too.

I don’t have any experience with Unreal Engine or UDK from before, and this is hindering me to even test the engine and the workflow.

Is there anything to do about this or should I give up on testing out UE4?

Kind Regards

What was the blue screen message? What was the error and error code? If there is a log file it is referring to it will be better to attach it.

I have tried to get it to crash so I could write down the error code, but it seem that when I want it to crash it’s completly stable. So unfortunately I don’t have the exakt error code or where the logfile would be located. I do however remember it saying something about physical memory dump.

Maybe you keep trying to get it crash ;). It’s a routine to dump physical memory. Like this , error code and technical info can be helpfull for the next crash. Hope you never see.

Hey Zetym-

I have submitted your report internally for investigation (UE-4468). If you are able to get steps for reproduction or the log files from the crash, feel free to respond to this post with any additional information you gain.


I’ve get a bluescreen for the first time while using UE4 yeterday. But I really really loading my with lots of heavy processes. Watching 1080p video, building UE4 level while compiling C++ code…etc… The bluescreen was about memory pages which I can’t examine well. Anyway I don’t think it was about UE4. It was about my fault :wink:

Hi . I found some logfiles that said the stop code was 0x7a, and after checking microsofs site it turned out to be a kernel inpage error