OpenPose results to Unreal

The total json files were generated from 000000000000_keypoints.json to 000000000910_keypoints.json.

Then, I made one csv file from the json files. I contained data of “pose_keypoints_2d” key in json like below.

I’d like to use this table type data to map Rigs instead of fbx input.

Please give me some help.

This looks interesting. And it sounds like a perfect job for Control Rig. I don’t have any experience with OpenPose, but if those keypoints are coordinates of individual bones and they make up a pose or an entire animation, then I think Control Rig can do what you want.

Here is a rough outline:

  • Getting CSV data into Unreal is done by using a data table asset. You can create your own in C++ or directly in the editor.
  • I would convert those floats to vectors after importing them. Then store them in an array, probably a nested array since you have multiple bones across multiple frames.
  • If the amount of keypoints (bones) stays constant, you can get away with just one array storing structs that contain a vector property for each point.
  • You set up an IK chain in Control Rig that receives the coordinates and moves the character 's bones accordingly.

I’m a newbie who’s been interested in game development recently and started with Unreal for about a month. After Googling, I was hesitant to try [Control Rig]. Your answer convinces me. I’ll give it a try and leave a review here. Thank you for answer.