OpenPose plugin for Unreal Engine

I have seen that there is an OpenPose project for estimate a pose from a video:…g-Lab/openpose

I wonder if there is some plugin or something similar for Unreal Engine.
It would be amazing to be able to export from a video an animation compatible with the epic skeleton.

It looks like this has been… attempted? … I don’t know how well it works though because I need WeChat, and that requires that I know someone who knows WeChat to create an account to download their code - and I don’t know anyone personally that has WeChat that can give me access. If someone can assist with that or maybe put the files to a better repository, I think everyone could benefit.
Here is the link to the project: GitHub - evehal/UnrealOpenPose: ue4 editor plugin for openpose:
Here is the file that I have a wall that I can’t go through: 文件分享
Of course, use your virus protection software - I couldn’t test because - no access.
I hope this helps someone - maybe at least further progress can be made - once there is access to all the necessary files.