OpenLevel node crashes editor, but only one map and...

Hi All,

this is a long shot question but anyway, if anyone has any ideas I’d love to know.

I have a flow where the player hits a button and that triggers OpenLevel to a different map. 50% of the time I do this it crashes the editor.
There’s no hints in the crash output log as what I can see. It just ends.

The same map that causes the crash plays fine when it is the one already open in the editor and I hit play.
Also the whole button press OpenLevel works fine if I package the game. No crash then.

I have tried doing things like turning off stuff even the player character in the destination map but still the crash happens.

Any ideas anyone?


Which version do you use? You can try to upgrade/downgrade your project and see if the problem still occures

Thanks for the suggestion. I might try that! At the moment we are doing programming for some backend parts so I can’t just switch versions right now.
I can do a test with a cloned project though and see if it works then.