Opening the Scorched Earth map in ADK


So I was asked by a friend to create a custom map set in the Scorched Earth environment. Since I don’t want to
make all settings by myself (for example the Arks or The World Scar), I have decided to load the default Scorched
Earth map and to modify it according to my needs. I’ve tried to open the Maps/ScorchedEarth/ScorchedEarth_P file, but
it just shows me the areas of effect of Volumes and other settings. How can I get it to show me the whole Scorched Earth
map including the terrain?

Greetings, Carniv0re

u can not upload any mod using Scorched earth map it was stated that u can use its assets to make ur own custom map but u can’t not upload the map on to the work shop it will be ban by WC if u do that