Opening the same level via blueprint creates a performance hit

I have a procedural level which generates everything from scratch. so as the player finishes the level, I restart the level via a blueprint “Open level” command. For some reason, every time the reset the level after the level is finished FPS reduces even tough the content of the level are exactly the same !

anyone ran into the same problem ?

I know this is not really an answer, but have you considered just duplicating the level and flipflopping back and forth between levels one and two?

I’ve had similar issues with ‘Open Level’ when it is the same as the current level. Try the ‘Execute Console Command’ Node instead if the open level Node with ‘RestartLevel’ as the command

Thx for the reply !
I figuered out what the problem was ! I was creating a bunch of HUD widget in the game mode which got recreated again and again on every “openlevel”. I moved that to the game instance and checked if it was already created and that took care of it.

great tip regarding executing “RestartLevel” as a console command !


This seems to be fixed wit 4.9.2
Thx !