opening the demo

can any one help on this problem ?? I was working on my level before 2 days and it suddenly crashed and it closed every things I tried to open it again but after 5 munits it closed again

and now when I try to open the demo it shows up this message but when I open it to see if there is error , there is no errors…

pleas help me , how can I have my level again ???

Does your level contain code (Blueprint or other object) that might cause the crash?


yes I have blueprints of different things

but I think the crushed happen when I was try to import citizen to the level

thank you

best regards

Then create a new empty project and try to import “citizen” (whatever it is). If its crashing again that asset is broken or sth. related to it.

ok thank you

what about opening my level ??

it will open again , there is no way ??