Opening project without viewport causes crash

I saved two projects after closing the viewport window. I was working with it undocked on a second monitor and closed it before saving. Now the projects will crash every time I try to open them. I reproduced it on new projects and the crashes always happens after those procedures.

Hey -

I tried undocking then closing the viewport before saving, however I did not crash when I reopened the project. Which version of the engine are you working in?


I’m using 4.5.0.

I tried to reproduce it again and I’ve found it doesn’t happen with every project. If I create a brand new project with any template, close the viewport (without any other changes), save and opent it again, it works.

But three of my projects and I brand new one with Lightroom scene (from marketplace) keep causing this error. The only way to reopen them without crashing is to delete “EditorLayout.ini”. Maybe some configuration they have in common is triggering this bug. I’ll try to find what it is.

Well, I think I’ve found it. It looks like the Sky Light is causing this.

If a project has a Sky Light, it will potentially suffer this bug. I’ve add a Sky Light in brand new projects with two different templates and the bug happened after the viewport procedure. Removing the Sky Light from the projects that suffered with this bug also make their viewport bug stop.

Hey -

Thanks for the info regarding this crash. I was able to reproduce the issue and have submitted it to our internal tracking system (UE-4472) for further investigation.


Thanks for the detailed information, it helped to track this down. This crash will be fixed in 4.6.