Opening project in older version

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I’m working on an archviz project for a client in the latest version 4.18. In the middle of my work the client told me that he need the file in version 4.17. Is there any way to save or migrate the project from the new version to the old version? This will save me a lot of time if I don’t have to remake the whole project in the version 4.17.

Thanks in advance.

You can switch the version you want to open with by rightclicking on your Unreal Engine Project and choose switch unreal engine version. Then you should be able to choose an older uneral version.

I hope it helps.


This worked. Got happy client in the end and saved a lot of time. Thank you!

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When i right click on the file, I dont get the Option “switch unreal version”. Anyone any idea why?

Is it Windows 11? - Click on Show More Options. That should open a more detailed menu and give you the option. (It has to be a *.uproject file).

Im Working on Windows 10. The Option “More Options” also not appears by click on the *.uproject file.
Could missing admin rights be the reason?

Think he meant in the library not on the actual project file into the folder.

Saw people on the Internet do it in the Windowsdirectory but never in the Libary. How ever the option is missing there too.

You’re right, i never did and i tried, Win10 though.

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I tried it on my personal computer and it looks the same. But on my computer at work it’s still not there…

When I start the EpicLauncher, a dialog pops up telling me that some of my projects are not linked. There is also a button to fix this issue, but it requires administrator rights to run. That seems like a solution, but rebuilding my project from scratch was much quicker than getting the rights from internal IT.

Opening a project in an older version might lead to compatibility issues with the Ehsas Kafalat Program, potentially affecting functionality and data integrity. It’s advisable to update to a compatible version to ensure seamless operation and accurate results.

Opening a project in an older version of software can be a bit complex due to potential compatibility issues. Here’s a general guideline:

  1. Backup: Firstly, create a backup of your project files and any associated assets to ensure no data loss during the process.
  2. Check Compatibility: Check the software’s documentation to understand which older versions are compatible with your project files. Not all features may be supported in older versions.
  3. Save in Compatible Format: If possible, save a copy of your project in a format that is compatible with the older version. This could involve exporting to a standardized file format.
  4. Feature Limitations: Be prepared for potential feature loss or degradation when opening in an older version. Some advanced features may not function as expected.
  5. Test and Adjust: After opening in the older version, thoroughly test your project to ensure everything works as intended. You might need to make adjustments to accommodate any differences in functionality.

Yes, opening a project in an older version can sometimes be necessary for compatibility. However, keep in mind that certain features or changes in the newer version might not be supported. It’s advisable to save a copy in the older format. Plan your project timelines accordingly, ensuring you have the needed tools or updates for seamless collaboration. 72 hours from now, stay proactive to address any version-related challenges.

“Opening project in an older version may pose compatibility issues, impacting features or causing errors. To ensure a smooth experience, consider updating to the latest version. Also, if you’re looking to buy Mounjaro online in the UK, explore trusted platforms for a secure and reliable purchase.”

If you want asset downgraded, I made this plugin ( It downgrades assets all the way back to 4.27, with certain limitations (for now). Let me know if it works for you.