Opening new content in older versions of the editor?


Hi all. So, I’ve been having some issues with some content I released a couple of weeks ago where a customer can’t see my meshes.
The issue seems to be because the meshes were imported using Unreal 4.9, but the customer is running 4.8. Materials and textures are fine.

I’ve reached out to Epic via email and they’re looking into it, but I wanted to post here as well so that I can fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Does anyone have any experience of this?
Is there a simple way that I could copy my 4.9 project into a 4.8 project?

I’m in the process of re-importing all my work into 4.8, but this is a tedious process!

I’m very concerned about this, since my pack is live and advertised as being compatible with 4.8.

If your base version is 4.9, it shouldn’t be marked compatible for any of the previous versions. You should contact the marketplace support team about that. As far as I’m aware, epic doesn’t have any automated backwards compatibility support.

Thanks for the advice, SE_JonF!
I’ve sent an updated 4.8 compatible version of my work to Epic. By my understanding, this should be compatible with versions 4.8 of the software and upwards. Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

Hey Pixel Pilgrim,

Yes! If you send in a version built using 4.8 then you should be able to meet those 4.8 compatibility checks. You’ll still have to check for each version. It looks like your an environment designer like me, in which case there isn’t likely anything to be broken in future versions, which is nice. Happy to help! =)