Opening media player after being closed

Is it possible to open a media player after being closed? (I want to set up a TV with different channels)I tried playing a video, close it after it ends, and re-opening with Open URL (I get true from the return bool) but it wont play again (I get a false from the return boolean on play)…

I want to close the video so it’s a bit more optimized, since I’m using around 10-13 videos. If there’s another way to handle this problem, please tell!

I want to do this to turn off a tv since pausing obviously leaves the TV on …please tell me if you found a solution.

Nope, what I ended up doing was make sure i paused every video before changing it, pausing the videos correctly doesnt destroy performance as much , so you can try doing this: pause the media framework, change the material to a black screen or black video playing. Make sure you pause them and rewind accordingly. This is super important!

Ok that’s a handy workaround thank you very much, this should be reported as a bug I noticed that when you use the close node the url from the video file goes blank and if you try to restore it it won’t appear as an uasset file so I can’t recover the url to use the open node that’s why the video won’t ever turn on again.

Yes, you can open and close as much as you want. Make sure that you don’t call Play right after OpenXXX, because it may take a while for the movie to actually open. Either use the “PlayOnOpen” checkbox on the MediaPlayer asset, or hook into the MediaPlayer’s OnMediaOpened event and call Play from there. This is in 4.13.