Opening levels?

Hello, I am very confused (and frustated) with a feature that I can’t really understand (even showing some tutorials).

My question is… Open Level is the blueprint needed to open a new level? It does, but restore all values to default (per example if I change the pawn posses, it go to default pawn after open level).

I tryed too a “Load Stream Level”, but it just load the new map above my current map (and “unload stream level” don’t work. I guess because my default map is the “root map”). Then I must keep the root map opened all time?

So… My question is… How REALLY the load maps should be done?

Look up saving data tutorials. What you need is to save all the data you want right before opening new lvl.

So “open level” Blueprints isn’t wrong?

Thanks so much for your help, I knew I missed something! Ill start right now!

Just a simple question. “Saving data” is about “saving game and load it”, or it is other kind of data?

To expand a little, you will need to make variables for everything you want to save. Like your pawns location and rotation variables. Then before you open new lvl or close the game, you will need to run save data function.

So look up how to do that on epics wiki.

Thanks again ^^

Open level is working fine. Just go through the tutorial and it will all be clear to you. It will guide you how to save data and how to load it. Good luck!