Opening doors and playing animation.

I facing problem with opening doors and play X animation.
The point is, I would like to play animation whenever player is near doors (I bet I need to use Box Trigger). Doors are physics based so right now opening works perfectly. Now I don’t know how to connect player animation with trigger on doors.
Maybe there is different way ? Like I can use some key to open door and when I will use that key, animation will play and door will open.

Thanks for help!

Im not sure as to if you are asking how to make the player just walk up to a door and it open or if you want a player to push a key to make the door open? Either way a trigger box it needed. I am new to Unreal Engine so I dont know what exactly what you mean by connecting animations to triggers on the door but Ill show you video examples of both ways.

Walk up and door opens:
Actual Unreal Engine tutorial - part one - part two

Push button to open door:
This is my favorite way to make operable door, this was the first way I learned to make a push to open door. This guy has a good amount of tuts to learn with aswell all done very well.

Hm…maybe I explained it not clearly.
The point is to play animation OR attach hand to door while character is near doors.
Something like here :

And here :
1:50 minute