Opening door with input key

Hello, I used the example BP_Door from the content examples which works with a box trigger, when you walk over trigger door opens. What I did was add in an input key so that when you push “e” the door should open. *EDIT Everything seems to be working ok now except for after I walk on the box trigger and then back off, I can control the door from any where on the level. The input key functions properly when you load level. (meaning door does not open when you press “E” unless you are on box trigger) Any help with this would be appreciated, I am still very new to blueprints and this has had me stumped most of the day. Quigs

Fixed, I had the disable input in the wrong spot, I know its hard to help with out me adding pictures of my blue prints. I will be sure to figure that out soon. I guess sometimes it helps just typing it out and explaining to yourself why something isn’t working. :slight_smile: