Opening/Closing Chest Animation when interacting with Chest Inventory

Hi guys, I hope you can help me out with that problem I’m having.I made a chest with an opening/closing animation in Blender which I then imported into Unreal 5 with both animations.I already have an inventory system which lets me access my chest inventory. I managed to make the opening animation play upon toggeling the chest inventory, however if I close the inventory, my chest will stay open and the “opening animation” will play again if I interact with the chest once more.I’ll show you what my current blueprint looks like, which obviously isnt the right way to do it. But maybe someone can show me the right way?Also I looked at some tutorials and they all used a separate mesh for the lid whilst my chest is a whole skeletal mesh with the animations already baked in to it.Anyone an idea what would be the best way to make my chest close appropriately? Thanks in advance!

I think that would work if you make the inventory reference explicitly invalid. In other words, when you close the window, set the reference to None.

Hi, how would you go about setting that variable to none? Its a widget reference, so I’m not really sure


I feel like I’m doing something majorly wrong here…

No, sorry :slight_smile:

Keep your code the same as before, but when you close the widget, set the reference to none. Then you will play the correct animation.