Opening and closing hand animation - starter pack content


I have been trying to breakdown the VR starter pack. I want to have the grip animation. I have got a motion controller actor which is spawned by my player pawn. This works fine. I have a left and right hand which move with my controllers.

I know I need to suss out skeletal meshes. Is there a tutorial that discusses how to control skeletal mesh animations for hands? How to open and close? As I said, I have been using the VR starter pack which must have everything needed because the demo map does all that I need but unfortunately lots more after. I have tried to reverse engineer it, to no avail.

Any advice, gratefully received


You can layer the animations using per bone layer.

You add the per bone to the migration path and plug and grip animation to the input. In the set up layer set the layer target to the left or right hand joint depending if the clip is left or right. You can set up a Boolean that triggers the left or right hand grip. MAke sure looping is turned off.