Opening and Closing Doors

So I have been trying to make an open/close door event using the following nodes and Trigger Volume. When I enter the volume, the door opens perfectly but when I exit the volume it dioes not close. So can anyone please tell me that what exactly am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

when your end overlap occus - you are closing the gate node. this means the tick (connected to enter) will never go through that node again
I would suggest using a timeline instead the hard node setup, you can play these forward and backward so ideal for a door. or you can set a variable shouldClose (bool) depending on if youre leaving or entering and after setting the variable call the setactor rotation but make your rinterpTo Target a “select on bool” from your shouldClose bool (if true get the 0 rotation, if false the 90 degree open rotation for example)

Can You show me how to do it with the timeline?

not made by me but this will do the job perfectly:

Thanks it finally worked though i Dont really understand how exactly he was able to call the open and close door events cuz I also tried to call them, but they did not show up and he also had an open door and close door function as well, maybe that was the reason?

and is there any way to setup for how long my door will remain open?