Opening a Door with Physics - Door not moving

I am learning Unreal Engine 5 (blueprints) and have been following a few tutorials. Most of the time, the difference between versions 4 and 5 do not cause too much conflict. However, I am working on a tutorial that I got from Humble Bundle so I can’t get in touch with the person who made it. I have tried, but no success. The tutorial includes a section on how to open a door by clicking and dragging the mouse button.

I am trying to make a door that is grabbable. However, the door will not move. Even with Physics enabled. Here is what I have done:

  1. Created a BP_PhysicsDoor blueprint.
  2. Added a Static Mesh for the SM-DoorFrame from the starter content.
  3. Added a child Static Mesh for SM_Door from the starter content and moved its Y loction to 45 to fit in the doorframe.
    3.1) The door is set to moveable.
    3.2) I did not add a collision to this since I am following a tutorial.
    3.3) Enabled Phisycs and changed the mass to 150. I have also left it at the default mass of 82.646965 while troubleshooting.
    3.4) Changed the Angular Damping to 4 but I have also tried it at the default of 0 while troubleshooting.
    3.5) Under constraints, all are locked except the Z rotation.
  4. Added a PhysicsConstraint to the Default Scene Root.
    4.1) Under the Constraint Section of the PhysicsConstraint, added the DoorFrame to Component Name 1 and Door to Component Name 1.
    4.2) Moved the Y location to 45 to be on the pivot of the door.
    4.3) Disabled Collision
    4.4) Linear Limits are locked
    4.5) Angular limits are locked except Swing 1 Motion which is set to Limited. The Swing 1 limit is 90.
    4.6) Enalbed Angular Projection and set the Projection Angular Alpha to 0.5. (In the UE4 tutorial, he has Projection Angular Tolerance set to 90 which is not in UE5, so after searching online and googling, I tried the settings I mentioned here because my door wasn’t and still isn’t opening.)

At this point in the tutorial, he played the game as a test and when he bumped into the door, it opened. Mine does not. I kept going in the tutorial thinking that maybe when I added the LMB input to grab and move the door, it would fix it. I was wrong. The door does not respond in any way. I am not sure what I could be missing. I have restarted this section of the tutorial 3 times and it is still not working.

I know there is more than one way to do things in Unreal Engine. Please help me figure out how to correct what I have wrong here instead of saying that I should just do it another way. I would like to learn and undertstand as much as I can about Unreal Engine and if there is a solution to this, I would like to understand it. I can’t get proficient with it if I don’t understand.

could you solve the problem?

surely you forgot to leave a gap between the door and the floor :face_in_clouds: