Opening a door with an Action key


So I have been trying to get a blueprint to work with my character such that only when the character is inside the BoxTrigger assigned to a Cabinet, and when the Action Key “E” is pressed, it triggers the door to open and close.

The character runs on it’s own blueprint which holds the key bindings for it’s movement ( Char_X )
The cabinet is animated in 3DS MAX and I have exported it as .FBX animation in 3 parts. 1.Idle_skeleton, 2.Open_anim, 3.Close_anim.

I can get the animation to open and close whenever I press the E key, but this is happening even when the char_x is not inside the trigger box.
Keep in mind that I have created this blueprint in the Level_Blueprints section.

Can anyone tell me how to link this up properly?

Can you post a screenshot of your blueprints?

Simple way is to create a variable when INSIDE or OUTSIDE of the Box Trigger. When Inside the Variable says YES, when outside the variable is NO. These are set as you enter and or leave the trigger. When you press E key, do a branch checking the status of the variable, if yes, Door opens, if No nothing happens. Cheers

Thanks CreativeVilla
I will check out this method and see if it works.

I finally managed to get the action key working when only inside the box trigger. Thanks CreativeVilla for the boolean approach but I implemented it a bit differently.
I have attached a snap of the blueprint in case someone is looking for something similar.