Opening 2 maps at the same time possible?

Hello everyone,

I have many procedurally generated maps in my game. It might take a few seconds to load a map so I want to make an intermediate map between the 2 maps.

Like the player decides to move to map 2 from map 1, place player in another temporary simple map temporarily until the map 2 generates and move the player to the temporary map. After map 2 generation is complete, move the player from map 1 to map 2.

What is the most efficient way to achieve something like that?

Have you looked at level streaming?

What you’re describing is seamless travel, not quite the same as loading two levels at the same time.

You can load sublevels through streaming levels, but the way that works is (roughly) loading the streaming levels into the persistent level, which isn’t what you want.

Yup streaming levels wont work I think not sure. I don’t want fully seamless exactly.

My pawn is a spacecraft. If the player wishes to move from 1 system to another he clicks on a HUD button and there is a animation and player moves to another temporary map that’s like a hyperjump sequence and it opens up in the 2nd map in which the player wanted to go.

“Seamless” here doesn’t really mean “no load times”, just that some actor state (i.e.: pawn/controller) can be carried across the level change. Regular servertravels normally just spawn a fresh pawn and discard all previous state. I haven’t used it at all so I can’t help you any further, but knowing the right terms should help you search across the documentation and/or code.