OpenGL ES3, Batching, Instancing etc

Do you guys have an estimate for when mobile will support GLES3.0?

All of Apples A7 GPU devices support it, and I think we can assume the new devices coming this year will also.

Primarily I’m interested in using geometry instancing, this is unsupported in ES2.0 but would make a huge difference for my project on mobile, I can’t see any way in the engine of batching static meshes (other than manually in Maya!). Or am I missing something obvious.

Many thanks in advance.

I hope this gets some focus also. Both apple and android, and is probably going to yield nice performance improvements (or development efficiencies) for certain type of games.

If you are targeting A7 or greater, I’d recommend you use the Metal RHI (once we can distribute it) as it’s way more efficient!

Thank you!

Metal looks amazing, can’t wait to try it out in UE4.