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I have started a brand new tutorial series on developing open world games with unreal engine 4. In this series, I am going to start from scratch and going to develop the game until I have a complete game. I usually upload 1 video per day and each video contains explanations and methods I am following. It will also contain the mistakes I do as well, I am not going to edit them and remove from the videos as those mistakes are also good for learning

Here is the link to full playlist : Unreal Open World - Getting Started - YouTube

This will contain all the components required to develop an open world game including

  • Developing tiled landscapes with world machine and unreal
  • Character movement and blendspaces
  • melee combat
  • Enemy AI using behavior trees
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Horse Riding
  • Inventory system and resource gathering.
  • stealth mechanics
  • IK for horse and human characters

… and many more. updating everyday.

Feel free to request new tutorials and let me know what you guys think about my work

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ure best… just one thing i need if u make tutorial how to make combat on horse? like archer… tnx keep up good work.

I’ll try that sometime