Open World Starter Pack

Hi everyone ,

I’m working on “Open World Starter Pack” (it will be submitted to the market) he aims to integrate the main features present in an open world easily.

You can found below all the functions available. If you think that a function is missing or anything else, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Audio :
Footstep for each landscape layer.

Health and Stamina bar
Horizontal compass

**Landscape : **
Automatic material
Control UV and Slope
Two distance of view
Painting layers

System :
Health and Stamina
Sleeping (control how much hours you want to sleep)
Day/Night cycle
Walk and sprint

Some screens :

Landscape UV size

Day and Night cycle

Two distance for landscape textures

How works landscape mat :


How to use the day and night cycle (FR) :

In the video I saw that the rock and dirt layer textures have very visible repeating patterns on them. in the material you can add to rotate the textures, so the repetition is not that visible. its different to scaling, as the scale gets not changed…rather the texture gets rotated and blended over itself in different ways, so it looks random each time.

Also I am not sure where the “open world” features in this pack should be…usually the problems with open world are solutions for: very large or even endless landscapes, LODs for landscape including static meshes on them, round planet like maps that have a limited surface but no borders…and so on.
You’re features like stamnia and sleeping periods seem rather like a “survival” game to me. If that is the goal, then you should rename the project and add the required game mechanics for survival like hunting, crafting, building, enemies and so on.

This is interesting.

Will keep an eye on This :slight_smile:

Thank your for your advices. I will add the rotation texture. This pack aims to help you for the creation of your own landscape, it’s not meshe pack or something like that. It’s just for making creation easier and faster. I’ve created this pack with GTA V mechanics in mind, like eating, drinking, sleeping. More other games do that and it’s not necessary suvival games, like The Witcher, No Man’s Sky…but I take a note about the “survival” features.

Thanks for the support :smiley:

This looks really nice. I’m sure it will be very useful for many new projects. :slight_smile:

Thank you Sitrec, I really hope that can help many devs :slight_smile:

The preview video is available on the first post :slight_smile:

How much do you plan on charging for this?

Around 30$ I think :slight_smile:

Have you considered adding a fast travel system.

That’s not a bad idea, I go to see to integrate this function in the futur.

After the rejection of my contents by Epic, I am going to improve my pack with inventory, fast travels system and some assets :slight_smile:

What was the cause of rejection?

“Too easy to reproduce”

Bonjour, des nouvelle du projet ?

How is your pack coming along?

Je n’ai plus de temps pour bosser sur ce projet, mais dès que je pourrais je m’y remettrai

I put aside this pack because I miss of time, but I will work on it when I can