Open world Racing game Idea

So, I was thinking, For all you people who are actually productive (A.K.A not me) heres an idea for a racing game
So, You basically build a racing game in the style of the game transformers devastation, Without the transformers, Or devastation
Also, the F2P racing games “genre” is currently like, 4 games… soooo… if you made it a free to play game (with paid currency and such) you would be 1\5 of that entire genre
Also, jelly-ish characters and getting out of the cars could be a fun idea, I would help with this project and whatnot but… I cant model, or draw, and I’m lazy…

So yeah… This would be pretty cool if someone built it,

P.S if you do make it, I want 5% of the profits
P.P.S Yes… Im greedy…
P.P.P.S this user on this free model site has models he has said he would be okay with having in said game

Well there’s always other games that are being made that are Open-World racing games, [kind of] GTAV, The Crew, Burnout Paradise, American Truck Sim. The list goes on. It’s not exactly new haha.

P.S. An idea can’t really be patented especially if it’s just given out as such, also 25% is a lot for just an idea haha

well… ok then… 5%

Unfortunately there is sometimes this big disconnect with the outside world with game development. There are a lot of people who want to be the ‘idea guy/gal’ I know quite a few of them who think they could make a living just being an idea generator. As such there is no job to be just the idea person. You have to work just as much as anyone else on the team to bring an idea to fruition and to receive any of the profits, if there are any. Anyone can come up with ideas, not everyone can make those ideas reality.

As CrimsonWingzz said, it’s not a new idea. There are already quite a few well developed games that do this, and many many games that tried to do it but failed. For every successful project, there are tens, if not hundreds, of failures.

If you want to see a game like this be created with your vision, start learning some game development, from either art, programming, design, take your pick or try and learn them all. Being ‘lazy’ gets you no where and no team will want to bring on, and especially share any percentage of the profits, for a team member who doesn’t contribute to the work for being ‘lazy’ and ‘greedy’. You don’t want to be the only one in the row boat not rowing, that person usually gets left behind, or worse, thrown overboard.

franktech has it pinned with the quote “1% inspiration vs 99% perspiration”.

Learn how to do something on the game (art, design, development), work many many hours to build a prototype or conceptualize your idea and prove your concept, then pitch the game to others with the work you have done, show that not only can you come up with an idea but your following through in making it happen by working on it. Then you might be able to assemble a team of like-minded individuals to work on the game.

Even if somebody was to turn this idea into a game, there is no way s/he would have to pay you 5% of anything. Not only did you not write out your idea eloquently, but your idea is 95% Transformers.

I don’t want to discourage you, but ‘laziness’ and ‘game development’ are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Good luck though. Even watching some online tutorials can be enough to get jumpstarted in creating your own game.