Open World Ninja Rabbit Game.

I am a writer looking to develop a game where you play as a ninja rabbit named Kano. The world in which the characters inhabit is like a feudal japan zootopia. While out on a mission Kano’s village is attacked and the resident’s are taken and held in four different work camps on the map ran by one of the lords generals… It is now up to Kano to free her friends from the work camps and build an army to fight the lord of the region who attacked her village.
The combat in the game would be similar to the batman games and would also feature some stealth sections. Kano also has a mode where she can use her senses to hear heartbeats to detect enemies and look for clues in the environment.
I have never written a video game before and would love the chance to work with some talented individuals to try and create this game. If anyone is interested to discuss this idea further please feel free to reach out.

Not a bad idea, you can contact me through skype or discord, may be able to help you out :slight_smile:

Sent you a PM