Open world multiplayer RPG

Hello my name is Sean, currently looking for an environmental artist, level designer, and a C++ coder. The game will be based in Ancient Greece era. Taking inspiration from games like Elder Scrolls series, Destiny, and World of Warcraft. As of right now it is unpaid. But when the game kicks off And have something to show for. We will go straight to Kickstarter to get funds and start paying the workers along with anything we need to complete the project. Once we have a section of running game. We will then do BETA testing to see how the community reacts towards the game to see where we need to improve on or what we are doing right. If you are interested you can email me at or message on discord ssingl2583#3970.

Free money is great isn’t it Sean? Its like Bitcoin right now :stuck_out_tongue: Dude, stop fooling yourself and overreaching…
Following other projects??? - Kickstarter stats are a horror story. - Steamspy stats make tough reading too.
Get some work done on a prototype, then see if the game has merit. But seriously don’t assume anything! :slight_smile:…ing-for-indies…n-Steam-sales=

Seriously dude? You know how games even get made? It all starts with an idea. Ya maybe some ideas don’t work. But some do. All you need is dedication and hard work to get to point a to point b. The way you act you haven’t even made it to a. Don’t bring down other projects on how they post.…-nobody-cares/

Ideas mean little dude. Its having a plan, a viable one that really makes stuff happen…
And that’s still no guarantee of anything. But hey no one is belittling your dream here…
But you’ve got to plan conservatively and be prepared to self-fund to make it happen.
Above all marketing and innovative monetizing has become a must for many games…

Good luck! :slight_smile:

What do you think this is?

Hi Skylanders45,

If you can model the Characters and Armor, can do the rest. Lets Chat!