Open world movement\character issue

Hi to everyone,

I am currently learning UE4, and I was (without any expectation) trying to build an open world game, using this community created tutorial:

I imported the heightmaps and loaded the levels, and everything looks pretty good:

When I start exploring the map with the basic first person character (I started out using the fps basic map) everything looks alright untill I reach around 41404 in the y axis. Before it’s like that:

And, once passed, it becomes like this:

The character is disappeared and I’m no longer able to walk or look around. Only the crosshair remains visible. If I place the character after that point, and then I start to play, the character is active untill he touches the ground, and then the same thing happens. Could someone please help me with that?

Thank you in advice! (and sorry for my bad english :smiley: )