Open World Map Design

Hi tell me what you think of this map for my open world game

Here’s the map with terrain painted in,i reckon it pretty sloppy but give me your option :slight_smile:
Map Final Concept.jpg

It looks good… Will the blue bit be ALL water? If so then do you need so much? Is your game going to be using boats as transport?

How are you going to draw this up accurately inside UE4?

Looks nice. What kind of size have you planned?

More rivers and lakes. But my imagination already works for this :3 keep up!

It looks kinda like the USA or an upside-down Australia. Regardless, I like it!

100 to 200 km2

yes the blue bit is all water. The water is like a barricade,players can go on the water but there really is no put to since walking is faster. boats are hopefully going to be implemented some time in the future

i am going to mud box to sculpt the terrain

hope this answered all your questions

If you haven’t yet, I’d check out the Cartographer’s Guild for inspiration and in-depth tutorials for art packages like Photoshop/GIMP. Pretty amazing stuff over there.

thanks man this is a really good website i think i can improve the map a great deal:D