Open World Level creation with landscape very buggy

I am working on an open world setup with a landscape that I extend in the world composition view by using the “Add landscape level right/left/up/down” functionality.
In most cases the new level appears somewhere overlapping the old. I can drag it into the right position, alright. Also, the landscape material from the source level is set but the mesh is completely black. I have to right click the landscape material on the “Paint layer” window and then “Fill Layer”.

This last one created a small level on 0/0/0 without any landscape. I have to delete it in Explorer and then retry. I mean this is pretty buggy in my book. Do others have the same problems?

Im not sure you are still here, but yes I’m having a terrible time with WC, for very similar reasons it sounds. I didn’t used to have any issues whatever, so I’m not sure what is causing it, I have zero overlapp inthe 3d viewport, yet in wc window TERRIBLE overlap in two places…its combing two of my terrains as if there are 2,weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, where usually UE4 is solid.

I’m told its because I didn’t use the ‘recommended size’ for a terrain of say, 4033, instead I used 5101, not to be different or buck wisdom but because, at the time, the data Iwas getting from this .jp srtm 30m source was 5101, so I kinda had no choice.

You said you can drag yours into the ‘right’ position, meaning as for me also, that doing so still shows overlap ? If so , sadly, yes, its very frustrating, wondering if I continue , I’ll start to have issues in the 3d viewport next.

I’ve also seen in wc window, this ‘small’ terrain which eventually went away, I think for me I had one terrain ‘hidden’, which I caught and I think if I recall right that fixed that one. I wish we knew whats causing this, may be in part or in whole, that the coding for this feature is not a top of the list requirement for the team if not that many people are using it-just guessing maybe the dev team can elaborate,- or if its us, but I can’t imagine what.

Can a dev for ue4 speak to this, are we both in danger of our projects biting the dust or is this simply a visual anomaly ?

Sorry if this seems simple, did you check your First landcape’s details and make sure “casts shadows” is ticked off?

HM , not entirely sure, and any help is wonderful/appreciated,I shall look now.
Looked :)–I see nowhere to make a setting for casts shadow- I’ll try docs again
thx Jon

I see nothing, can you help me zero in on where this is…

You said you can drag yours into the ‘right’ position, it doesn’t seem that entirely possible.

I’ve figured out what’s causing the “add adjacent landscape level” function to not place the new one correctly, and how to fix it. World Composition "Add Adjacent Landscape Level" Incorrect Level Placement Bug Solved! - UE4 AnswerHub

It is, I’ve seen ( in wc world whered you can moe tiles) that one of my tiles had grow to be twice in size, yet NOT in ue4 viewport itself, and the only way to avoid the actual 3d terrain from being split from each other instead of sewn right, was to not place the terrains correctly in position in wc windows…WEIRD I know but that’s how it worked (bug I presume).

I had to literally overlap wc window tiles just to get viewport terrains to place properly. Thats whack , and I knew it and wondered ifit might cause further problems, and indeed it has, the problems have only gotten worse, and now I get why.

I 'll look now at the URL to see if that helps resolve things , forever :wink:

gl all

Also on loading original level, are we to save anything or just load and exit and load our world comp stuff ?

BTW: no entirely related but it MIGHT be, pls see here:

Is that possibly related to your topic ?


OK, I backed up project , and renamed the newmap2old and copied in newmap2 from my backed up 4.21 project than GOD I didn’t delte it ( backed up on ext.WD hd), and that fixed that right up major WHEW, too much work to lose.

I still have a VERY mixed ODD looking Summons wc window, when I get a second I’ll paste a video.

Content creation is an art which you can learn for free. See the article how it was created. Simple and easy to use.

I still have a VERY ODD looking wc window, when I get a second I’ll paste a pic, and in its current form its completely unusable , and no changes I make resolve it , though removing some lighting, bp sky sphere maybe fog, post processsing does get rid of some of the ‘colors’ that overlay the wc window area and are not supposed to be there.

That is the not the main issue though, as I have 4 distinct tiles, and hovering over each one, shows the same ‘newmap’, which I’ve never seen happn before, thus I can only click on each one separately on initial load of project,after that I can’t, and furthermore, once it messes up ( nothing I"ve done ), I get this odd rectangular area saying newmap inside of it- which again I’ve never in the 2 or so years I’ve been using ue4 - is it possibly the result of using 4.22 too soon ?

Anyway here are video verifications of what I"m seeing:


That’s not a bug and is caused by one of your sublevels, in this case “NewMap”, having the sky sphere in it. The sky sphere is the big white circle and it is making your “NewMap” level bounds surround the whole thing. You either want your global lighting stuff including the sky sphere to be in the persistent level, or you can put them in their own sublevel that you set to not be visible in the world comp window.

Also, I’d recommend going to view options in the world outliner and setting it to only list objects in the currently active level. That’ll make it easier to see what objects are in what level.

OK ty very much , grr I was going by a non world comp terrain level for lighting not realizing how that would affect wc .
TY for taking time to explain that I’ll make the changes and do some more edifying- I know full well what the skysphere is and all other items in said world, I jusn’t didn’t realize having it in map other than persistent would cause such problems, but ya.

That being done, I still can not decifer what is causing the overlap in wc window, some tiles are almost twice in size and overlap in two areas, while in reality they aren’t given fact of 3d viewport that looks perfect and no seams , no overlapping tiles, possibly some affect of light or shadow playing tricks on the eye ? ;0

Thanks so much for catching that it was quite frustraing- I went back to video of wc on youtube and indeed, due to months of forced brake from ue4 I’d forgotten indeed where those things are, in percistent level so TY so much for catching that. Breathing much easier :wink: