Open World LandScape LOD

I made a big ,tiled LandScape. And put them into dynamic streaming mask with 1.5km streaming level. But i want to see more than 1.5km ( at least 5km). How can i see more than 5km with less DP ( too many DP using geo-mipmapping) ? Should I use big meshs? But if i use them how to change them into landscape tiles when i move close enough to these tiles?

For large landscapes you want to look into World Composition. It is an easy way to manage tiles for large landscapes and stream the tiles in and out as needed.

For the game I am working on we have a 20km world visible all at once. We do this by running 3 levels of landscape LOD and 2 levels of static mesh LOD. There are 400 1km tiles. At LOD0 one 1km tile has over 1 million vertices, but at the lowest LOD it has only around 1,200 vertices. This allows you to run a huge world and still get a good frame rate. We are able to get 100+ FPS on a 20km world at 1m resolution on a PC built in 2009.

More info on World Composition:

thank you very much. We are making a mobile game, but 400 drawcalls for landscape are too many. I wonder whether there is a way to merge some levels into a single one.