Open World Landscape Environment

Hello community!

I’ve been playing around with the latest UE4 features, including the procedural foliage spawner and the grass type.
I’m very pleased with the current results, so i’ve decided to share them with you, maybe someday a game will come out of it :slight_smile:


Looking nice. :slight_smile:
Have you used a LUT there or only the built in Post Process settings?

Edit: No idea what that object is ^^


Yes, i’ve used a LUT to achieve this color pallete. The object is a low poly mesh i made in blender, i love to mix lowpoly art with hi-res nature :slight_smile:

Ah, it sort of reminded me of the “cave” in the first “Hunger Games” movie.

I went to check it and you’re right, it really looks like the center building of the arena in that movie.

Updated with videos.

mind sharing where did you get those trees?

The trees are from the lightroom and kite demo, all available in the UE4 learning projects.