Open world kite demo

I am extremely grateful for the Open World Demo Collection being offered for free. I am going to attempt to create a large-scale landscape where the viewer flies in toward the landscape through the clouds above. Before I waste my time creating the landscape manually I want to make sure that I am not recreating the wheel. Is there a way to use the Kite Demo Collection as an already created landscape or will I have to create the landscape and place all the rocks, trees, grass, etc. one at a time by hand?

As I mentioned I don’t mind creating a large landscape one piece at a time but I want to make sure that there isn’t an easier way, first. It would be incredibly amazing if there were a way to add the already-made landscape seen in the Kite Demo to my project with one click!

Im pretty sure you could just open the world and edit from there…

Change the world size by selecting the Landscape Layer and changing the XYZ settings?

Not sure if you would be able to sell the game though (make money) as you’re using free content provided by the engine itself? Would have to talk to Epic about that.

But you should just be able to open the world and use it as your Persistent Level (add other levels onto the map by using Level Manager)

Let me know!

The entire kite demo will be released with 4.8 final. So atm you will have to create your own landscape. But you could take the landscape from the “landscape demo” -> you just have to change the materials + place the meshes and particles :slight_smile:

Okay thanks! That’s excellent that the entire demo will be released with 4.8.

But of course, you’#ll need a monster of a machine to run it!

World Machine ftw!

Hello, Do you perhaps know if its possible to just copy the Landscape material from the Kitedemo to your own project. (thru directory)
The only material I could find is : MPC_Terrain.uasset and MPC_MacroVariation.uasset is this right one? I’m mainly interested in the
MasterLandscape material. Is 4.8. going to have complete different landscape material?

Unfortunate my PCsystem can’t handle the Kitedemo :frowning:

In the current demo there is no landscape material -> so you will have to copy the materials into your own project + create your own landscape material with them (gets complex) :slight_smile:
This is how you copy content into another project: