Open world game suggestions? (Beginner)

Now, I don’t know much about creating video games. In fact, the most I’ve done to learn how to create one was watch a tutorial or two and mess around on the Unreal Engine. However, I’ve always wanted to create a open world game and urge to do so has really been getting on me lately…

  Lately, I've been watching a bunch of informative videos on creating an open world game and the whole process of it seems absolutely MISERABLE to me. The thing is, I want this to be a solo project since I MUCH prefer creating things by myself (I'm really not a huge fan in working with other people lol) and with the ideas I had in mind, it'd probably take more than one person to fully create it or up to a few years to complete if by self (Which I'd be willing to do). With all that in mind, I've ran out of ideas of what would be a good starting project in creating an open world game...

In case if you were wondering, here are the ideas I had in making an open world game:

  • A western Dark Souls-like video game named “No Man’s Land”. Basically, it’d be a western RPG open world game with the difficulty of a Souls game and a setting that takes place primarily in a desert (Similar to the Mojave), along with a mountainous area similar to that of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

  • A basic open world survival western game, something like Rust or Minecraft. It’d (yet again) take place in a Mojave-like desert (I adore the setting) and have features such as crafting, building, and basic survival. This probably would be a good start to making a game, but I think the idea is too simplistic and would just end up being boring (I’m planning to sell these games if ever created).

  • Finally, a skateboard/BMX bike/pro-scooter sports open world video game that takes place in the Pasadena-Santa Clarita area (Something very reminiscent, at least). It’d have multiplayer and a set of challenging yet satisfying controls in performing tricks with your ride of choice (skateboard, BMX bike, scooter, etc…). This game would include customization and areas where you can perform tricks and what not.

What do you guys think? Note: I’m new to the Unreal Engine community and this is the first ever thread I have ever posted… so it may not be very “good”.

Since you don’t have much experience I recommend doing something much smaller so you can learn the fundamentals before trying something like an open world game because that presents its own set of challenges beyond regular game development

Don’t do it. Make a smaller game.