Open World Game Questions

Hey everyone,

I am Bill and i am a young developer with a dream to fulfill! I want to create an open world game(just to be clear, i don’t aim to create the next assassin’s creed, or god of war or witcher!) but i have some questions about the assets we need in order to complete the project! But first let me tell you about our team! So far my team consists of about 8 people. 2 programmers(including me), 3 artists, 1 level designer and 2 people who are inactive atm. So far, we have done some progress but we are kinda stuck in the question, what assets do we need? (For example trees, rocks,grass). Another question is what mechanisms do we need(For example quest system, combat system, inventory system!). I have more questions but for now those are our trouble! If anyone could help it would be amazing,

thanks for your time Bill

Also our game is set at medieval times with a fantasy-realistic tone!

Well, those questions can really only be answered by the game designer(s), which I’m assuming is you. It might help you to make some form of concept art to help you visualize what the setting and characters will look like. After that you can start thinking about what kind of assets you need. If you do it the other way around, you might do more modeling work than you need too. Thoughts on different types of gameplay might help you decide what kind of systems you will need. All in all it sounds like you need to do more planning.

Contact me on discord, may be able to help.

ER Dead4Never#2768