Open world game, Lighting & Rendering Issue

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		[FONT=&amp]I am facing an issue with Lighting and Rendering, There is a video link attached where I have recorded a clip from my project which shows the issue. I am new to Lighting and Rendering and I don't know much about it. I am developing an open world game, please also suggest me some tips for making dynamic realistic outdoor lighting and use of different components, Also using VXGI.
		[FONT=&amp]Here is the "[Link to the Video]("
		The issue is that the fence gets disturbed when the player is far, this is happening to all the different architectural outdoor assets, The corners of every asset get disturbed and the view is very dirty. Please help me out with a solution and new tips for my realistic lighting look of the game.
		[FONT=&amp]Every help is appreciated!
		[FONT=&amp]Thank You :)

That’s an aliasing issue, when you get further away, the lines of the fence are smaller than a pixel and it creates some weird patterns (moire) it looks like you may not have anti-aliasing turned on