Open World Fantasy/Sci Fi Game Recruiting Team Members

Project Title: Requiem(Working Title)

Description: Requiem is a game for those who love the MMO feel, but prefer to play in smaller groups or solo. It is an open world game filled with plenty of opportunities to find and craft unique loot, exploration, take down large bosses, and delve into dungeons and raids. All content will scale based upon how many players are in the party. The game will be fully soloable with the exception of raids which require a full party of 16 players. The game can be played offline as well as online for those wishing to play with friends.


-Large fully explore able world.
-Party Grouping of up to 8 players to help take down the creatures and bosses of the world.
-Unique and varied modes of transportation ie. Ships, personal bikes, gliders, jetpacks, and boats.
-Randomized and varied loot drops similar to Borderlands.
-Easy and intuitive crafting
-8 unique and challenging dungeons with 4 difficulty levels to overcome.
-2 raids that will be available at launch.
-6 unique classes with more to be hopefully added as players clear content.
-3rd person view

Team Structure:

Project Creator/Gameplay Design/Story Writer
-Stephen Chatman

Looking for:

Concept Artists- 2
-Preferable one with experience with environments both outdoors and interior.
-Preferable one with experience with human models and weapons.
-Examples of previous work is required.

Programmers- 3

Skilled and familiar with C ++ or Blueprint. For the time being setting up UI elements, quests, and gameplay scripts.
-Examples of previous works is required.

3D Modelers- 3
-Previous experience is required.
-Realistic and detailed character and weapon models
-Unique enemy and creature designs.
-Unique vehicle designs.

Animator- 2
Must be able to rig and animate unique movements of creatures, enemies and characters.
-Combat animation that is unique and fun to watch.
-Examples of previous work is required.

Skype: schatman760
PM is welcome but all submissions of work must be through email.
Finally all members will recieve the GDD after signing contracts with payment structure (which is negotiable based upon previous work and contribution.) Thanks for any assistance and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Work Needed-

The current plan is to create a demo to showcase two of the classes for a tutorial section of the game. The classes to be showcased are the Juggernaut (Working Name and a heavy weapons class) and Bloodnaut (A melee class with a mix of magic). Players will be able to try out 5 weapons for each class 1 vehicle, and explore a small 30 min dungeon. I hope to have the demo complete in 3 months then allow the demo to be downloaded to gauge feedback and generate hype. If successful production will begin in full force and funding will be sought. The demo itself should allow for 1-2 hours of play not including the dungeon and comprised of 5 quests to give players a sense of what the game is about.