Open World Demo Collection - Editor Freeze


I want to try the Open World Demo Collection and followed THIS tutorial. When I click on “HillTree_02”, as stated in the tutorial (Step 6), the “Loading Package” frame stuck at 71 or 73% and the UE4 editor freezes. The only way is to shut down the editor via task manager. I re-installed the Open World Demo several times and tried to add the demo to different projects but nothing works out, it’s always the same sh*t.

If anybody has an idea of how to solve this problem, please help.

Hi Rakantor,

This content doesn’t contain any DerivedDataCache (DDC) included with it, so the first time you load the asset, whether it’s the texture, mesh, or level that contains this asset it will take a while (depending on system specs) to write this DDC information.

Once that is written you’ll be able to load this asset more quickly each time without the wait. This content also comes with the express warning that it’s meant for extremely high-end systems and even still will take up to an hour to load for the first time. This warning can be found with the assets description in the Learn tab.

I hope this clears up what you’re seeing here.



Thank you for the clarification. You are right, it took my PC about 45 minutes to load the mesh. I honestly didn’t expect that loading the mesh would take such a long time since my PC’s specs aren’t bad at all, so I assumed that there has to be some kind of error. For some reason I overread the warning you mentioned.

Problem solved, thanks again.

Is there any way to batch load all the DDC? I’ve got 2 980ti’s and a 5820k at 4.2ghz. I’m able to load these assets in about a minute each one, but I’d prefer not to wait a couple minutes for each mesh. I’d rather set something to load them all walk away and then be able to come back and use them quickly.