Open World Collection Load only specified Folages/Trees?

Hi All,

It’s possible to add the OWC only of desired foliages/trees in scene, otherwise adding the whole OWC result in very big size of content folder, I would like to overcome that difficulty.


Can’t you just delete what you don’t want?

Thanks in advance, this is what I’ve doesn’t at the end.

But actually I was looking for more clean ways, Ihave not come across with such situation but I was afraid that in some cases where unawarely you may delete the content indirectly related to that asset, so I was looking for the UE4 native way. It seems that there is not PURGE command available in UE4 ?

Probably you can do this way: first, use all foliage that you want to use (currently, and in future)… and then migrate the level to different project. The other project will then have all used foliage (and all unused are purged).