Open World Camping Pack…d-camping-pack

The Ironbelly Open World Camping Pack has photorealistic items needed for any successful camping trip- right down to the murky water bottle. Made in stunning 2K-4K textures, these items can be used for modern, western or dystopian projects alike. Complete with a campfire, this pack also includes food, a sleeping bag, cooking grill and a medical kit just in case. Get ready to sleep under the stars!

This pack goes hand in hand with the Open world Food pack that was recently launched:…ival-food-pack

@Ironbelly - Would you like the title of this thread to be changed to “Open World Camping Pack” (or whatever you prefer)? It currently has the same title as your food pack thread :stuck_out_tongue: Lemme know what to change it to and I’ll change it in a jiffy.

Thanks, just changed it to open world camping pack

This new direction in packs has me very interested

Glad to hear it @abxyxx :slight_smile: Thanks for the support and let us know if there are any items you’d like to see in future packs! We are always open for suggestions. Cheers!

The best camping trips include juice boxes and apple pie :slight_smile: If you haven’t already, check out our NEW Camping Pack ( or** Food Pack** (