Open World Assets: Trees, How to make billboard/LOD3?

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for help on this. I am using XFrog trees to make good trees like in Open World Assets. I know how to make good trees of 50k triangles, 4k tris, 2k… with textures. No problem. However, I don’t know how to make billboards of existing trees and then integrate them into the LOD mesh with new texture.

Can anyone help me on this? Is there a way to make the 32 tris billboard + textures in UE4? I noticed this a plane each 22.5º deg but do you render them with 16 different cameras in 3ds Max and then integrate this in a LOD mesh? Is there any other way? If you are using “imposters”, how do you integrate the LOD (32 tris) into the other LODs? Is there a back and forth to do with 3DS Max/UE4? Can anyone from the Open World team explain a little bit about this?

Sorry if I am not being clear.

Thank you.

hey man,you could check the speedtree

Isn’t a billboard LOD just a texture on a plane?

For of all, sorry for the delay… I did not get a notification message letting me know you responded.

Yes, I probably have to do the billboard manually. I was wondering if someone had an idea/technic how to reuse imposter outup and place it into a Tree LOD. Imposters are very interesting/cheap.

Here is an interesting read: I Don't Know UDK: Unreal Engine 4, Blender and Substance Designer Tutorials: How to Create 3D Imposter Sprites in Unreal Engine 4 - Part 1