Open World 3D Pokemon Project! Help needed (GER of possible)

Hi there, so basically i came up with an idea of an 3D OpenWorld Pokemon Game, being made in UE4.
I’d like to use the original 3D models from pokemon ORAS and X and Y. I will be animating these and import them into the UE4. It is supposed to be a
3rd Person game. If anyone is interrested in helping, feel free to message me! I realy have some blending ideas, but I could definitely use some help, as im “fairly” new to the UE4.
Thank you for reading!


Ripping content from another game is a big no - firstly it almost guarantees that you’ll receive legal action from Nintendo / Game Freak and secondly it’s also violating Unreal Engine 4’s terms of service. Using the Pokemon trademark (name / brand) is also similarly problematic without first obtaining permission from the rights holders.

I don’t know how new you are to programming and modeling in general but ambershee has a point.

So Nintendo really gets on people who use their brands withou permission even if it is a not for profit project. It still gains you publicity and makes Nintendo and HAL look bad. What you could do is use this as a fan project to help you learn since you are new to UE4.
I do rip offs of games for ideas as learning projects all the time to help me learn the algorithms if how to do something. Like right now I’m trying to make a bomber an clone, a star fox clone, and a motor storm clone. When I get bored from my actual projects I hop in one of them and keep trying to learn how to make a mechanic work.

I’m on my phone and can’t edit lol. I meant bomber man not bomber lol

I see, i get your point.How didnt I think of that myself? Thank you for reminding me!

We need someone to make our game

I was looking through those models today and I think they’d give us a great start after adding things like hairworks or neofur the models would look more than ideal. I am not a rigger or animator what definitely have been trying my best to learn I am however very proficient at modeling and texturing I’d be highly interested in this project for the learning experience

Oh so now open world pokemon will now become the new open world FPS zombie survival mess… good going nintendo!

It’ll never happen. Nintendo’s lawyers will C&D any projects ( Free or commercial ).

They’re just protecting their IP as any company or individual would do, otherwise anyone could just take another person’s ideas and hard work and leech off them for easy profit.

My response to any thread like this is simply “why don’t you just come up with your own idea?”. No legal issues then.

A new idea isn’t Pokemon I just want to see what it will look like when the Pokemon world meets updated graphics and since Nintendo can only make a poor excuse as Pokemon go it’ll be up to the community

I strongly advice to not pursue this type of project if you intend to release it to the public. Nintendo is known for INSANE level of protection when it comes to EVERYTHING that is about Pokemon. Even if you release it for free open source you may get problems from their lawyers.
Just do the same idea using your own models, your own animation, and your own ideas, it’s much safer and will teach you much more than simply copying others work.

It will be more difficult but much more rewarding in knowledge.

how to create fire material for charizard moltres rapidash, etc … there are no tutorials on that.