Open VDB and Nano VDB Rendering

One limitation of using Unreal for Film/TV/Cinematics is it’s lack of (open source) vdb volume rendering. This is the industry standard for storing volumetric data.
If this was introduced, I can see it being widely adopted for high end film rendering and FX work.

Right now the workflow is to render externally for flipbooks and that is time consuming and 2d cards are hard to sell for film quality.
Something similar to Embergen’s viewport display would be amazing and a huge game changer.

And it looks like the new NanoVDB is RTX accelerated -

Please add this feature! :slight_smile:


Agree, this feature is very important to us.

Absolutely agree! I think we really need VDB support (with raytracing) for UE4 when it comes to cinematic productions.

The possibility to stream VDB’s from disk into the project would be a fantastic feature and a complete game change in my opinion. I’m really curious if there’s something planned for any version in the near future?

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100% this is one of the biggest things missing right now, NanoVDB was a great innovation NVIDIA put forward so we can now read VDB files at fast enough speeds, just need to get even some basic rendering support in engine!!! Please EPIC make this a priority, many projects in the works desperately needs this!!

+1 Native VDB support would be huge!

+2 Native VDB support would be huge!

+3 Native VDB support would be huge!

+4 Native VDB support would be hugely huge!

+5 Native VDB support would be gargantuanly huge!

+6 Agree on this!

+7 we need that

+8 we need that

+9 Native VDB support is tight!

So it looks like OpenVDB is used by the built-in ProxyLOD plugin and is already included in source - if anyone is interested in digging around that might be a good place to start…

+10 Agree on this!

+11 This would be a great feature for Unreal 5. VDBs for clouds or volumetrics is something that would help the cinematic productions a lot.

+11 this is the only reason that I not move to ue for my animation

This would be astronomically intense!

+12 this is a very necessary function for all of us)

@VictorLerp Since this is a highly requested feature, especially from the VFX community. Can we get official word on whether this is being worked on? Thanks!