Open Url returns false after upgrade

Version: 4.13.0-3072953+++UE4+Release-4.13


Upgrading a functioning media playing project 4.12 to 4.13 preview makes it stop working. The Open Url now returns false and thus never triggers OnMediaOpened.


Cloned project and upgraded to 4.13 preview


I have a button with a URL to a media file in the Content/Movies folder (relative). When the button is activated it sends the URL to a movie player BP. The movie player BP takes the URL and attemps to use Open URL node in conjunction with a media player. Open URL returns false. It didn’t before.

Additional notes: I know the media library should have gotten a major overhaul, but I am unsure what changed. I don’t get an error message (is error output possible in BP?). I can’t find any documentation either.

The URL slot in the media player from 4.12 has disappeared.

I have moved this into the Bug Reports section for further investigation.

Hello Elrinn,

So, as you have discovered we have indeed overhauled the media player, so your old functionality might now work the same. This is because we have integrated a new medium to hold and call a number of Media Source files within the Media Player itself as a playlist. You can see these functions if you create a Media Player variable and a Media Source variable within blueprints.

There currently is a bug in place that deals with the Media Source failing to load pre-cached media files which returns a message about an unsupported byte stream from the loaded URL. You can track this bug [here][1].

If you leave the pre-cache option unchecked, the below functionality will open a Media Source file within the Media Player and play your video automatically.

As a note, be sure you have the ‘Play on Open’ option checked within your Media Player file. Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


Thank you for your reply!

It is no longer possible to open a URL? I have a few buttons with a string (URL) in them. The URL is passed when clicked to a mediaplayer that opens it. I’d just need to have a file on the disc.

The new process, even if simplified in terms of assets, seem to make this process a bit more convoluted.

PS: Jira link is inaccessible.

You can still open a URL. There are four methods now:

  • OpenPlaylist
  • OpenPlaylistIndex
  • OpenSource
  • OpenUrl

Please note that when opening URLs that point to files on the local computer or network shares, you must prepend file:// to the path.

I may be dim sorry. Using the method above (attached blueprint image at the top) doesn’t seem to work if I pass it an url whether it’s relative or absolute. Must it go through a media source asset?

The file:// thing is new, I tested with that as well, no dice.

I could get it to work using an intermediary hard coded file media source with open source, but the quality is now horrible and the sound is super choppy. Same file plays fine in 4.12.File Media Source doesn’t seem to have any media nodes available to it. No way to change the URL on the fly?

Edit: Cooking for Android ETC2 also fails:

UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): at AutomationTool.Program.Main()
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): Program.Main: AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=25 (Error_UnknownCookFailure)
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): BUILD FAILED
PackagingResults:Error: Error Unknown Cook Failure

I have fixed the link to the ticket: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-34285)