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How do I open a marketplace build project that is on an older version in EU5?

Hey there @GuiAzis! Welcome back to the community! Depending on how old the version of UE you’re trying to work on, you would either have to open it on the version it was built on or upgrade it to a more recent version. Upgrading can possibly break everything from plugins to built in features if it’s a large enough upgrade, and these will be different per each project. Here’s some documentation on migration:


Hey @GuiAzis! Welcome back!

To add on a bit more to @SupportiveEntity’s great explanation, I would recommend before tying to migrate assets making a copy of your project. From there right click the .uproject file and change versions directly. There is a possibility that your project may be good to go from the get go.



Good luck with switching over to your new version!


Try to do as you said, but this message is appearing. From what I understand there is something invalid in the sdk, but do you need to configure something in the sdk to work?

This is a project shootergame, available in epic marketplace, but compatible with version 4

This mode open the project. Thanks

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