Open the game with command

How can I do that when I want start the game then I must use execute command in shortcust or launcher or cmd otherwise the game will not start.

For example if I start the game without command then the game will show a warning window that “The game starts only with launcher”.
If the launcher send a command to game then the game will start. The command can be something.exe --startgame -key e324jdfeqf -launcher

I didn’t find a solution to this. Is it possibly to do with blueprint?

I don’t understand. Do you have some screenshots, or clearer explanations?

You might want to look in to the Package documentation.

By understanding what the options means and can do for you in the Packaging settings, you can easily start your game without having to use weird commands.

I don’t have screenshots. :frowning:
For example I have xyz.exe which is the game exe and I have Launcher.exe files. The launcher.exe works as updater and can setup things with this + can start the game.

So in xyz.exe file I must put something to recognize commands from other program. Something like that: Environment.GetCommandLineArgs Method (System) | Microsoft Docs but it is .NET. :stuck_out_tongue: The game get the commands and do specific things.

The launcher sends the commands to game.
If I send --startgame command then the game will start.

But all before that I must block the game file to start the normal way which is double click to game file. When I blocked then when the player tries click to game file directly then he/she will get a warning windows message “The game starts only with launcher”. So she/he must click to first the launcher and in the launcher can find a START button. If she/he click to START button then the launcher will send the --startgame command to game file and the game recognise that and will start.

Hmm I am blind. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t find the answer to my question on the website. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I found the answer. I must install this plugin: (39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required! - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums! and then I can use Get Command Line in blueprint.