Open static mesh of a migrate kite asset to my project freeze the engine


anyone have that problem? latest 4.10

i add/migrate a tree from world open (try with kite demo too )to my project (migrate) and when try open the static mesh the engine stop responding.

In kitedemo i can open without problems

Hi Knack,

This is because with the Kite Demo the DDC (Derived Data Cache) is included that makes opening this asset quick. When you migrate it to a new project the DDC needs to be generated the first time you open the project.

The assets in the Kite Demo project use 8192 textures and are high fidelity assets, so depending on your system specs it can take a few minutes or more to open the asset. You’ll just need to wait it out while the DDC is written though.

This is the documentation on Derived Data Cache if you’re interested: Derived Data Cache | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

thanks, i already read about this when open kite demo first time when released, but since i only migrate one tree mesh to my project I did not expect to take lot of time and seems get stuck on 50% or other tree in 71% without response in five minutes…

its launch time here, i going try load again and have more patience … while launch


edit: wow 10 minutes one tree, i need a better computer lol

Yeah that seems about right, for some of those assets. The 8192 texture resolution really takes a while to process more so than the static mesh. On my machine here (12 core CPU, 32gb of ram) takes around 5 minutes or more for some assets. As a comparison, The Infiltrator Demo takes about 45 minutes to open on my machine because it has to write the DDC on startup. This is often reported as a bug because the start up will stick at 95% for the majority of the loading.

have the engine freeze and the CPU at only 35% of use not help to think its normal or its a simple overload.

i will wait upgrade to the new AMD with 32 core then :rolleyes: (and sell my motorbike to afford it)