Open specific blueprint documentation of the selected node when pressing F1

I used to work with Virtools a long long time ago, and what i really appreciated was that the Reference Documentation of a specific node opened when the user pressed F1.

This way you can very quickly find out the specifics of the current selected node, inlcuding inputs, outputs and changeable properties.

Is there a full reference guide for all nodes implemented in the Unreal Engine at this moment?

Yes… API refrence ; p

All function nodes, varables and classes is representation of objects in C++, so discription of those you will find in API refrence, just names are without spaces and in some cases name is edited by “FriendlyName” meta. Only thing that is missing is blueprint specific nodes like flow control.

But i like idea of having build in to editor they could just link api refrence

I would really like something like this:

So pressing F1 takes you to the precise description (i don’t care if it’s offline, or online) of the node (for example DoOnce). This very clearly explains the actual workings of a selected node and makes implementing nodes a lot easier than browsing over the forum and hoping you find the answer you are looking for.