Open Source UMG/Blueprint Minesweeper

Hey guys my name is Kodi and I made a minesweeper game with the goal of creating a start to finish tutorial series on how to make a complete game in ue4 using blueprints/umg. However I have ran into some performance issues so I want to release it to the amazing community as 100% open source to refine it up and then create the tutorial on it. If you would like to contribute please download the source code below and improve the project any way you see fit, then make a post here with link to updated project and list of improvements/modifications you have made and I will update it to this post. Feel free to improve the game any way you see fit!


note: The main performance issue is because each cell in the game is a widget which runs a tick mo widgets mo problems.

If it’s intent to be open-source, I suggest making a public repo on github for better contribution from the community :smiley:

that is very cool

thank you :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!