[Open Source] My Last UDK Game


hope its ok to spam this here :slight_smile:

Tegleg Tank Game is FREE in the App Store!

A Strategic Tank Battle Game.
Pits your wits against AI in single player or real people in multiplayer as you guide your tanks through the battlefield.
Place Barricades at the start of the game to help Defend your Base.
Control your team of 4 tanks, use strategic moves to outwit the enemy.
Win the game by Destroying all the enemy tanks or by taking out the enemy base.
Full Source Available at on the Games page.

*Single Player against AI.
*Multiplayer through Game Center.
*Touch Controls
*Code for Controlling Tank Team
*Dynamic Object Placing (Barricades)
*Full Menu System
*All Code and Artwork
*Everything you see in the game.
*Made with UDK (Unreal Development Kit)

thats the hype done,
i made this game basically because i had no internet for a week and the game i was developing was scrapped for various reasons, and i had an idea for a game.
here is the original plan i wrote

it took me 7 days to make the complete game including all code and assets apart from the menu buttons.
i spent a little time over the next week messing around with button images. altogether it probably took around 20 hours for the whole thing.

this will be my last UDK based game, and what better than to give away the source! maybe something in there will help someone.
it can be found at on the Games page.

have fun!

This isn’t the UDK forum but it’s cool none-the-less!

Hey Tegleg!
You might remember me from the UDK forums as DemoMan2. Sorry to hear that this will be your last UDK game as you really came up with some creative stuff on that engine. I hope you will continue your game making efforts with UE4.

I have to admit that I am still a bit sad about the death of UDK. It was a really great engine. Don’t get me wrong, I think UE4 is great too but as an old UDK’er I hate to see it go